Finnish Fibreboard
Pure building

Wood is a natural and sustainable building material. LION boards made of pure sawdust and wood chips combine decades of tradition in Finnish construction expertise and respect for natural materials.

Wood is the ideal building material thanks to its breathability, strength and insulation properties. One hundred percent renewable and absorbing carbon in the air, wood is also ecological – carbon remains stored in wood product s for centuries, and emissions from production are significantly lower than, for example, bricks or concrete. Dismantled wooden structures can be burned for energy or made into recycled products.

The LION boards of Finnish Fibreboard are manufactured from pure sawdust and wood chips that are a by-product of the wood industry. The manufacture of the boards uses small amounts of wax and resin to improve the moisture-proof properties and strength of the boards. Particularly in the production of hardboard, it is possible to utilise the wood’s own agglutination agent, lignin. Because of the low chemical content, the boards can also be safely used in the construction and renovation of interiors. All LION boards meet the M1 requirements for the emissions classification of building materials. 

Thanks to the good properties of wood and decades of development work, LION boards offer an ecological and durable alternative for building work and renovation. Finnish quality and expertise, naturally!